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Randy Adams – poem

shadow moment (with audio)
…. Video remix by Nic Sebastian
…. Poem remix by Chris Joseph (with audio)
…. … Video remix by Paul Broderick
…. Poem remix by Christine Wilks (with audio)

shadow moment
(read by Randy Adams) download audio

(read by Nic Sebastian)
download audio

was it all for one instant stopped and made
and don’t we try to stop it all again

hold still for one perfect moment
touch some simple unchanging thing

rein the sun and erect a heavy stone
then trace its shadow into place

return one day and hold your breath
watch the shadow fill the marks you made

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Videopoem by Nic Sebastian

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Remix by Chris Joseph (babel):

some simple shadow
download audio

touch one perfect moment
and hold still in the sun
an unchanging thing

rain stopped and made
erect for one instant
a heavy stone

was it some simple shadow
all again?

return one day and hold your breath
then trace it into place
watch the shadows you made

don’t we try to feel the mark
and stop it?

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 Remix by Christine Wilks (crissxross):

still shadow
download audio

unchanging and erect one day
you made the sun reign
a perfect thing
the shadow in its place

was it all for one instant?
some simple touch
to trace your breath
and feel the marks

then in one heavy moment
stopped and made stone again

hold still the shadow
return to watch it all
don’t stop

we try
to hold

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Video remix by Paul Broderick

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About Randy:

Randy Adams is a Canadian media artist with a background in creative writing and visual arts. His photographs and mixed media works have been exhibited and collected by public galleries, foundations and archives. His prose poems and essays have been published in various magazines and newspapers. Over the past 30 years he has received several grants for writing and photography. During the past decade or so he has extended his media practice into the digital arts, fashioning hypermedia and animations for the web, live performance and spoken word. He has participated as an organizer and/or media artist in conferences, screenings, performances & artist’s talks at universities, colleges and art galleries in Canada and the UK. He has worked online as an editor, artist, writer and web designer since 1997. He is an autodidact and not nearly so stiff and sober-minded as implied by this bio.

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