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View video & still image remixes from Poetry Storehouse poems on our Vimeo page. View those selected for showcasing at the Moving Poems videopoetry site here.

The Poetry Storehouse is an effort to promote new forms and delivery methods for page-poetry by creating a repository of freely-available high-quality contemporary page-poetry for those multimedia collaborative artists who may sometimes be stymied in their work by copyright and other restrictions. Our main mission is to collect and showcase poem texts and, in some instances, audio recordings of those texts. It is our hope that those texts will serve as inspiration or raw material for other artistic creations in different media.

Technology has not just connected people and poetry and poets and artists who weren’t connected to each other before, it has also changed both the face and the delivery of poetry itself. Poems locked up in hard-copy print editions only available for sale are struggling in new and serious ways, while poems delivered in multiple creative ways online have new leases on life and are reaching an ever-widening audience.

We believe that creative energy, like physical energy, is never created from scratch, nor does it ever die, but continually morphs from form to form as each of us is inspired by what has gone before us and in turn inspire what comes after us. In a recent Best American Poetry blog article entitled Collaboration & Remix, Poetry Storehouse contributor Rachel Barenblat sums it up nicely for us:

‘I’ve been talking with the publisher of my next collection about putting the manuscript online with the intent of making it easy for other writers and artists to find the poems […] to explicitly welcome remix and transformative work. Of course I want to sell copies of the book; who wouldn’t? I want to reward my publishers for spending the coin of their time on my work. But I also want the poems to be out there in the world, as part of the communal conversation — and I think that the more we put our poetry out there for remix and transformation, the more interwoven we and our readers/co-creators become.’

Click here to experience some examples of how some poem texts from The Poetry Storehouse have been creatively remixed – and here to review the index of poets whose poems are available for remix. The Moving Poems discussion forum is hosting an ongoing interview series with poets and remixers in which they discuss their Storehouse experience – click here to read the interviews. Read about the wonderful remixers who have worked on Poetry Storehouse poems here. To submit to The Poetry Storehouse click here.

9 thoughts on “about

  1. My attempt at a film of a poem by Peg Duthie:

  2. I think this is a pretty good project Dave. I’ll let others know about it.

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  4. CL Quigley on said:

    wow, quite innovative! this is something i’m interested in, the mixing of words, sound & visualizations. i look forward to more. bravo!

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